What to expect from Australia vs Brazil: Game Two

Australia defeated Brazil 3-1 on Saturday, but for the second match we can anticipate a different contest against the same opposition.

Gustavsson illustrates the key to high performance ahead of Brazil clash

As The Matildas prepare to face Brazil under unusual circumstances and scrutiny. Manager Tony Gustavsson illustrated his theories of success.

Gustavsson signals upcoming clash as an opportunity for Matildas youngsters

The Matildas are set to play their first match since their amazing run at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which culminated with the Matildas falling just short of a medal. With a number of key members from that Olympics squad missing,…

Gustavsson’s Matildas move to “preparation mode” as 2023 approaches

Tony Gustavsson and his staff have selected a 25-player squad to play The Republic of Ireland as The Matildas enter what he calls  “preparation mode” for 2023.

“We need these tough games” – Gustavsson welcomes Japan challenge

Australia meet an in-form Japan as they finalise Olympic preparations. It is the latest in a string of tough tests that Tony Gustavsson believes they need.

Matildas Olympic Squad: the definitive guide to all 22 players

Get to know all the important information, plus some that’s not so important, on every Matilda in the Olympic squad.

“Trust in the process” – Kerr and Gustavsson confident as Matildas announce Olympic squad

Tony Gustavsson and Sam Kerr spoke to the media following the announcement of the 18 player Olympic squad.

Australia vs Sweden preview: The final test before Toyko

The Matildas face World Cup semi finalist Sweden in their final warmup before The Olympics. What can fans expect from the Aussies and the opposition?