Key Takeaways: Australia vs Indonesia

Australia have started the Asian Cup with a thumping 18-0 win over Indonesia

Mackenzie Arnold embracing the “tough battle” between keepers

As The Matildas prepare for the Asian Cup, goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold remains focused on training and getting used to the heat.

Steph Catley “refreshed and ready to go” as Asian Cup approaches

Australia’s prolific chance-creator and star defender Steph Catley is feeling refreshed for The Asian Cup after some much needed rest.

“It’s kind of been a whirlwind” – Wheeler’s rapid rise to the Asian Cup

Clare Wheeler’s form over the last 12 months could be vital for Australia’s Asian Cup campaign.

“Every game is crucial” – Siemsen and Simon eager to make an impact at the Asian Cup

Kyah Simon and Remy Siemsen are headed to to Asian Cup. The two strikers talk about their ambitions at the tournament