Our Journalists

Neal Symons
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Neal is the co-founder and Operations Manager at Kick360. He is a freelance football journalist/broadcaster currently studying a bachelor of Commerce/Economics at Monash University. Neal has had work published for FNR Radio, The Roar Sports and a number of other outlets. He is also an NPL Victoria commentator and hosts The Round Ball Project Podcast.

Cameron Wyper
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Cameron is a student sports journalist currently studying at the University of Gloucestershire, and originally from London. He’s previously written for the A-League Wrap-Up blog and co-present the live version of the Round Ball Project Podcast.

Amir Daou
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Amir is in his final year of a Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity and Bachelor of Media and Communications at Flinders University. Along with his education, he’s had experience writing for Channel 44 Adelaide and The Football Sack. Amir enjoys discussing the latest stories within the world game.

James Rhys
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James has over 12 years experience as a freelance writer. He has worked within media departments at a number of sports clubs as well as reporting on football in Wales, England and Scotland for a number of outlets. Recently returned to the industry, he now covers Australian and New Zealand football from the UK.

Harper Pestinger
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Harper is an 18-year-old journalist who lives and breathes sport. He studies journalism, hosts the KickCast and Where Do We Begin podcasts and, most importantly, has a good time doing it all.

Lucas Rinaldo
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Lucas Rinaldo is based in South Australia, currently working as a Sports Reporter for 7News Adelaide. Lucas covers all sports but is particularly passionate about football and has been covering the world game since 2019.

Jack George
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Jack George is a young freelance journalist, focusing on the tactical, technical and statistical aspects of football. He takes in-depth looks at players, teams, personalities and news, and is an avid watcher of all Australian footballing leagues.

Giacomo Bruno
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Giacomo is a sports journalist major from La Trobe University, currently creating content as a freelance sports journalist. He’s worked with Melbourne Rebels and The Roar in the past

Sha Nen
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Sha Nen is a freelance football writer who has covered and written numerous articles on Men's and Women's football across Australia, India and South Asia. Sha Nen has an enormous love for helping footballers tell their story, and uncovering some of the lesser known stories that Australain football has to offer, and hopes to see the game in Australia one day realise it's enormous potential.

Patrick Brischetto
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Patrick is a 19-year-old who is currently studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications and a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. A passionate football fan for all of his life, he has a keen interest in Australian and European football, in particular the growth and development of the game in Australia