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What to expect from Australia vs Brazil: Game Two

Australia defeated Brazil 3-1 on Saturday, but for the second match we can anticipate a different contest against the same opposition.

Gustavsson illustrates the key to high performance ahead of Brazil clash

As The Matildas prepare to face Brazil under unusual circumstances and scrutiny. Manager Tony Gustavsson illustrated his theories of success.

Australia vs Brazil: Opposition Preview

Since the 2015 World Cup, Brazil has only beaten Australia once. In the last six years, it has been a nearly annual tradition for the two teams to face off in often high-scoring, physically intense contests. Brazil is a proud…

The highlights and hurdles of independent women’s football clubs: Part Two

@kaptinyap spoke to women’s clubs with no affiliation including Calder United and Geelong Galaxy in Part two of the series

The highlights and hurdles of independent women’s football clubs: Part One

The investment and interest from traditionally male organizations have been both welcome and needed in the women’s game. However, at all levels of the sport, independent women’s clubs are forming, growing, and offering something different. Following in the footsteps of…

Australia vs the Republic of Ireland: Opposition Preview

Toyko Olympics. They will face an Irish side looking to regain form after seven consecutive losses.

Western Sydney add three more to Cannuli’s energetic core

Western Sydney have continued building their W-League side with the additions of Caitlin Cooper, Erica Halloway and Sham Khamis.

Gustavsson’s Matildas move to “preparation mode” as 2023 approaches

Tony Gustavsson and his staff have selected a 25-player squad to play The Republic of Ireland as The Matildas enter what he calls  “preparation mode” for 2023.

What Matildas signings will provide for European powerhouses

Aussies are sought after by some of the biggest clubs in Women’s football and in the off season some key players home new homes.
Kick360 takes a look at what some of our best players will bring to their teams.

“Unfinished business” – Tara Andrews on her ambitions for Newcastle

Returning Newcastle legend Tara Andrews speaks to Kick360 about her ambitions for the Jets next season.